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Unregistered dictionary word domains for your side project

#4 Product of the DayMay 01, 2019
I spend way too long researching and trying to find available domain names. I also wanted to learn Python and Django. So I built this site over the weekend to find available dictionary word domains and sorted them by frequency of use.
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Why restrict only to.io domains?
@prakis I did scrape .com as well but there weren't any available. I think the only .com which is an actual word with a definition was brachyuran.com, which apparently means "typical crabs" πŸ€·πŸ½β€β™€οΈ
@iannuttall not .com but other tlds. I am still looking for a meaningful two word domain suggestion site with various domain extensions as second word. Ex:. Our.work, house.design, contact.us etc...
@iannuttall @prakis it would be awesome if you could pull more gTLDs πŸ˜ƒ
@prakis @lukepeerfly I'm getting a bunch of them right now in 7 different terminal tabs. Mac is on πŸ”₯
This is a good tool, but if you could add for other TLDs like .com, .co apart from .io, it'll be easier for you to scale this up!
@creativehitarth I'm working on .net, .org, .app, .ca, and .co.uk right now. Suggestions for tlds welcome. I did scrape .com, but the only word found that was available was brachyuran.com
@creativehitarth @iannuttall Definitely .co near the top of the list. I've seen and .design and .xyz in the wild of late.

I would love to be able to filter out plural words and choose domain extension.


Efficient way to find interesting domain/brand names for your projects.


No filter feature.

Thanks for the review! I'll definitely add filters soon for extension and plural words
Lovely collection of domains ! I would love to see more filters
@ktkaushik More tlds and filters coming soon!
Are there any plans to add more domains like .com?
@gabef .com was included, there just weren't any available to reg besides brachyuran.com. I'm working on more tlds though.