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Dictation is an online speech recognition app that lets you type with your voice in English, Español, Français, Italiano, Português, हिन्दी, தமிழ், اُردُو, বাংলা, ગુજરાતી, ಕನ್ನಡ, and most other languages.

You can use voice commands like New Line, पूर्ण विराम, dois pontos or Nouveau paragraphe in Français to do more without touching the keyboard.

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Hey PH, Dictation, available at https://dictation.io, lets you type with your voice in all popular language. There are no apps to install and all you need is Google Chrome and a microphone. Dictation uses the web speech API to magically transcribe your spoken voice in real time. It recognizes voice commands, like New Paragraph or Go to Sleep or Insert Happy Face, to help you do more without the keyboard. All your transcribed text is stored in the local browser and it auto-saves everything in the cache. Dictation: https://dictation.io Voice Commands: https://dictation.io/commands Languages: https://dictation.io/Languages FAQ: https://dictation.io/help
@labnol Hi Amit, thanks for having further refined this great little gem. It's a lovely tool and I keep promoting it. One question that often my readers ask me when I mention Dictation.io is: how does it stand up to something like Dragon or other pro tools in this niche. Would you be so kind to highlight a few key differences? Many thanks. Yours truly.
@robingood fantastic question, also wondering about this.
@robingood I think Google Speech Recognition offers better accuracy as they have a much larger voice database to experiment with. The advantage with Dragon is that it offers OS level control allowing you to control the computer with your voice while Dictation is purely for voice transcription.
@labnol Hi Amit, Google Speech Recognition wasn't part of the equation until a second ago. Are you tacitly implying that Dictation.io is built in GSR? Thanks
@robingood Internally, it uses the Chrome API itself for speech recognition. The voice commands are built on top of that. See https://dictation.io/commands
Anyone remember Dragon Speak? My grandfather used to use it (he was very slow at typing) but it never worked well. That was over a decade ago.
Amazingly useful product! Very nice UX too.

I'd rather a chrome extension that worked like Grammarly, in any text box I encounter in chrome.


Seems to work as advertised


Have to use at dictation.io. Doesn't work with Grammarly, show stopper for me.

I would +1 that 100% good idea but very buggy from initial testing and not actually seeing any result on speaking, do you plan a C/E or Grammarly addon?
I love Grammarly. What's your flow with dictation.io? Do you use the app on your phone?