Easy online speech-to-text dictation in your browser

Perfect and free alternative to Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking for speech recognition.




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Chris Davis@imchrisdavis · Founder, Data Davis
Perfect little find for me. Sometimes typing long passages kills my train of thought because of the desire to edit -- this let's me get the entire idea out before bothering to clean up.
Mani KarthikHunter@manikarthik · Just a curious guy.
@imchrisdavis Perfect use case here too.
Mani KarthikHunter@manikarthik · Just a curious guy.
Nothing to install, no scrips, nothing. Like this tool for its simplicity.
Amit AgarwalMaker@labnol · Web geek, Tech columnist
@manikarthik Thank you for sharing Dictation.io on PH.
Mani KarthikHunter@manikarthik · Just a curious guy.
@labnol Anytime Amit. :)
J Keith Hall@jkhallatl · Co-Founder & Developer, theWTFactory
@labnol Thanks for making this! This is by far the best dictation tool I've ever used. It beats the pants off dragon and even the built in apple dictation which I liked a lot. Do you know if there are any mobile apps for iOS that use this same underlying voice recognition?
Miha Rekar@mr_foto · Developer
All this via built-in Chrome API. I'm impressed.
Baptiste Grève@baptistegreve · Founder at Unimersiv
It looks amazing!