Dictate by Microsoft

Hands free typing in Microsoft Office

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Lyondhur Picciarelli
Lyondhur Picciarelli@lyondhur · T&R Project Manager at Weta Digital
Tried it. Not as good, fast and practical as simple dictation on a Mac.
Niklos Salontay
Niklos Salontay@niklossalontay · Product @ MLB.tv
This is great from an accessibility standpoint! My father suffers from severe carpal tunnel — hopefully this will make his report writing easier.
Faizan Patankar
Faizan Patankar@freeman_faiz · I do stuff
Just tried it. It's pretty cool. As a blogger, it will definitely help me more. Because I am a fan of speaking but struggle to constantly put thoughts on paper. Now I can "write" a whole blog post by speaking :) Some things are different from the other apps - including, this one knows or guesses when the sentence has finished. So if I say "full stop" it actually writes it out, unlike other apps, which inserts the full-stop when you say it. I like this. Funny enough, having coming out of dictating couple of paragraphs, now writing out this comment feels so cumbersome :D
Smokie@xtoq · Smokie Does Stuff
@freeman_faiz That's weird, cause on the page it says that "full stop" should enter a period. I'd put in a bug report personally.
Nick Abouzeid
Nick AbouzeidPro@nickabouzeid · Partner @ Shrug Capital
Cool product. Definitely doesn't have the pizzazz of an Apple/Snap launch though 🤔
Ryan Abrams
Ryan Abrams@ryabrams · Director of Marketing @ InfiniGrow
@nickabouzeid Its Microsoft 😜
Tracy Marshall
Tracy Marshall@hrv50 · Connecting One Dot at A Time
Last year, I spent a few hundred dollars on DragonAnywhere on my iPhone. It showed a lot of promise in the very beginning. But as I used it, it "de-evolved." So I'm excited to this one from Microsoft a try. Of course, we all know that Windows had the clunky-ist dictation app built into Windows for years. But since this is from Garage, which brought "What Dog" to iPhone users, I figure Dictate will be a game changer.