Diary Email

A diary that is as simple as it gets

Diary Email is a calm place to capture your life and share the best moments with your friends. No big brother is trying to get into your head to sell you more stuff.
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Social networks promised to connect us but instead made us more disconnected than ever. They perverted the meaning of friends and got us addicted to likes. As a result, we create a fake version of ourselves that always happy. They make us afraid to be ashamed, so we learned to censor our thoughts. I hate this trend, so I decided to create a calm place to document my life and share moments with my close friends. Diary Email is a diary that you write using your email. Send an email to private@diaryemail.com to add a private entry or send it to friends@diaryemail.com to share it with your friends. They will get your email as you personally send it to them. They will be able to reply to you and have a conversation in email, just like in good old days without strangers looking over your shoulders. I decided to make it ridiculously cheap, so as many people as possible could escape the hustle of social networks. The private diary is free and always be like that, but if you want to share your notes with your friends, it will cost you less than $1 per month.
@diaryemail you also can get premium Diary Email plan for free. Send me a postcard with your back address and I'll send you a promo code to it. DM on Twitter and I'll share my address with you: https://twitter.com/kossnocorp
@diaryemail @kossnocorp what's in the premium version?
@diaryemail @_jacksmith free version allows only private diary without ability to share emails with friends.
This is incredible! I actually did something similar for personal use via email to share updates with my friends. I used Tinyletter to send updates and it worked pretty well. But guess I was lazy and didn't keep it regular. I think more and more people( especially influencers) should pick this up. Best of luck Sasha!
@jitsalunke thank you a lot! I'm thinking about the motivation problem and how I can approach it. Reminders probably might help a little bit, but there must be more efficient ways to encourage to stay consistent ๐Ÿค”
@kossnocorp maybe it is good idea to go by"Less is More". The one who absolutely wants is, will use it anyway. The more we try to gamify it, the more it will become like a social network :)
Congrats on the launch @kossnocorp ๐Ÿ™Œ This is such an awesome idea! Email is still one of the most used communication methods, but being able to write down your thoughts on email is awesome.
@gadgick thank you a lot! You're right about email. It's not only most used but also outlived whole generations of social networks, instant messages, and other methods of communications and will probably be here long after Facebook and others disappear.
I'm trying to make myself journal regularly, but I still struggle with consistency. I have zero clue if this can help me do it, if other things could not, but I think this is a wonderful idea. And congrats on building something new and launching, @kossnocorp ;-) I love it!
@xnutsive thank you a lot, Nate! I'm pretty sure you tried everything already, but reminders helped me to start writing a journal. Mostly because of the guilt of not using my own service, but anyways ๐Ÿ˜‰ I'm invested in further explore the topic of motivation because it will help with user retention, so maybe I'll come with up with features that will help even laziest of us.
So it's email, with a friend list?
@ljedwin yes, that's one way to look at it.