Windows' best-rated journaling app arrives on Android

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You always wanted to write a diary but your laziness said "no"? This app might be for you! It can include lots of information into your entries automatically, like pictures, walked steps, weather or social media activity. You can password-protect the app and sync the data with the corresponding Windows app.

Timo Partl
Eurydice Turk
  • Eurydice Turk
    Eurydice TurkRealtor with a JD

    easy photo, voice recorder, video (my main need) entry


    little to no help , syncing (android/Windows) unclear can wipe out whole diary (I did), and no password recovery or diary will be deleted.

    This is for Android/Windows versions.

    I'd like to know what size videos need to be. I'd like some formatting options within my entries, I'd like to see a list of my tags to select from, I'd like all of my platforms to talk and to tell me how to talk to them. I lost several days of diary and wasn't able to import diary entries from the one I was using prior to. d Notes, surprisingly, had much more flexibility, but didn't do the things, Diarium can - calendar entry and search, for example.

    Eurydice Turk has used this product for one month.
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Ayush Chandra
Ayush Chandra@ayush_chandra · Law Student|Tech Evangelist
Great stuff!! Please make it available for Windows 10 too it's very handy and useful
Timo Partl
Timo PartlMaker@tipartl · T. Partl
@ayush_chandra Thanks! Well, the app is already available for Windows 10... :)
Михаил Селезнёв
Михаил Селезнёв@new_user_89595fdd65
@tipartl, are u plan to make a Linux version?
Timo Partl
Timo PartlMaker@tipartl · T. Partl
@new_user_89595fdd65 Currently not - sorry.
Rob@valley_software · Indie App Developer
This is a truly awesome app; anyone reading this don't think twice, just download it. You won't regret it.