A new kind of diary on the blockchain

Diario is a simple diary application on the blockchain. It's easy to use and cleanly designed to allow you to focus on what matters, the writing. It's also secure
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Inspiration Blockchain/Decentralization: Bitcoin clicked for me almost 2 years ago when my bank account was unilaterally seized by the local government of my city and they were able to take some money without the bank (or anyone for that matter) giving me any notice about it. When I saw that strange movement in my statement, almost 2 weeks afterwards, I called my bank to ask what it was all about. They told me I supposedly owed 2 traffic tickets to the administration so they just basically decided to go ahead and take that money from my account (talk about privacy violations). And they also told me to be grateful about it; the bank had other clients who had experienced same amount withdrawals from all bank accounts they owned, not just one, so they ended up paying multiple times. That, along with the endless money printing game that has become modern central banking, opened my eyes to the importance of privacy and sovereignty and the need for a different kind of money - one not controlled by governments or banks. Writing: Right now, I would love to be able to read what I was thinking about 5, 10 or 15 years ago. I'm sure that would give me some perspective about life. How fun and eye opening would it be to be able to read about the "huge" problems you had 15 years ago? Or how about reading your happiest experiences of a decade ago, and how you felt about them in that moment? Paper diaries have existed for a long time, but they have never been for me. I lose stuff on a daily basis. Digital diaries, on the other hand, are cool. However, there's the privacy issue. Who would be able to read what you write? How is the company offering the service managing your data? Facebook comes to mind here... Thus, diario. A new kind of diary built on Blockstack.
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Diario is very simple tool, which might come in handy. A good place to actually keep my thoughts in a one place, and although it lacks a couple of features at this stage, the notes seem to be properly secured and relatively easy to find. But what I really like about Diario is the design - it's slick, the animations are smooth and generally there's this nice feeling after clicking through the product. There's a lot of unused space, which feels weird but it's not that big of an issue. As for the lacking features... It'd be useful to allow the users to delete the notes, add links to your notes and pretty much all the features which could give the user a bigger control over their notes. If it's supposed to be simple, then I'd advise to allow the user to quickly access and write new notes - possibly via a browser plugin? But generally - for a 3 month coder - it's really solid. Keep up the design work :)
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@tobiasz_jankowski Thanks a lot man! Really helpful feedback. Love the browser plugin idea! Will definitely have all the feedback in mind for future versions... Was also thinking about integrating a powerful search feature to let users search through posts easily!
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@joerlop, not a problem at all. I was also thinking about the search feature! Especially if you're trying to have at least a couple of years of notes gathered there. Without doubt, there's a lot of coding awaiting you 💪leave me a DM and let's stay in touch, I'd love to help you out.
Hey all! Lambda School student here! Have been coding for 3 months. This is the first full app I've developed. It's a submission for the Blockstack 'Can't Be Evil' contest. Hope you like it! All feedback is very welcome!!
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This is an incredible tool to have my thoughts in order and the fact that it is so easy to use and that it’s private makes it even more special. I will definitely try it on!