Dials 1.0

Clock based calendar app for iPhone

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HI! I’m Dante Orpilla. You may remember me from such nature films as “Upvoted, Ep.0” (https://redd.it/2rp3h5) and “The AMA Book” (https://www.producthunt.com/book...). Im the Co-founder and Designer of Dials here to answer any questions and address any concerns. Dials is a product of passion… passionate hatred. Of reading tiny calendar text on a phone, and thumb fighting with impossible operation while driving, or while mobile in general. Events become icons. The grid becomes a standard 12 hour clock. Please enjoy responsibly. As always, feedback is warmly welcomed.
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@orionsdada This is a super creative & beautiful take on the mobile calendar, which shouldn't be surprising given Dante's work. (Dante is Reddit’s long time artist in residence) Dials sets events around a 12 hour clock, at the time they start, so visualizing your day is pretty effortless. It also let’s you chat with attendees without jumping to email or text. Syncs with Google and iCloud. BAM.
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@alexisohanian Thanks for the kind words, brother. They mean a lot.
@orionsdada Big congrats! A clock based interface for visualizing your day makes absolute sense and given that most people have few events, it's an expedient way to visualize your day! Love the experience and look fwd to seeing this appear on all smart watches! :)
@mobileraj Tempo was a huge inspiration to our efforts and a pioneer in the calendar beautification movement. I can't tell you how many times I walked up on our dev with Tempo on my screen and said, "You see this?!? This is fkn gorgeous! We need to up our game!" HAHAHAHA... so yeah, Your comment almost me cry. Thanks of the support, ma man.
Dante, I am very proud of you and the rest of the team at Dials. The attention to detail as well as intention for the end product is something very special. I'm honored to have you as Co-founder and can't wait to show the world what's next for Dials.
@thomas_scriven Likewise, brother.
Google calendar is straightforward and vanilla. Dials helps me plan my day in a nice visually stunning experience that tracks my appointments and events without having to make me scroll vertically. I highly recommend using this app to improve your productivity and add a nice dose of great design to your daily calendar!
Thanks, @emmie! We knew that some people enjoyed straightforward and Vanilla AND THATS OK!... but we also knew there were a ton of people that didn't. We knew because we were them. Good bumping into like-minded folk... albeit digitally. ❤️
Love the design and usability
@ibaard Appreciate it. It's gonna get better. 🙏
Well-crafted with a gorgeous interface and branding. Nicely done.