Dialogue is an app that makes screenwriting enjoyable. Write your screenplays the same way you text, create custom avatars to help identify characters, arrange scenes in any order you want, and export as a PDF screenplay or to desktop to continue writing using a traditional screenwriting application.

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Hey Everyone, As someone whose been trying to write a screenplay one of the biggest challenges I've come across is finding an enjoyable way to write ideas down on my phone. I figured since texting was the most common way we communicate why not emulate the process for screenwriting. I'm happy to finally be able to release this and I appreciate all the feedback I've gotten over the last couple of weeks. I already have a Version 1.1 update planned with more improvements and adjustments that should make the writing process more fluid. I do plan on making an Android version in the future, but before I do I want to make sure the experience is as solid as possible on the iPhone. Thanks Again, -AJ
@aj_rahim Really cool app! I made a very similar app with the same reflection as you on texting. This is definitely the future!
This is really cool and will be very useful for folks like me who design conversations for bots. Unfortunately, not available on Android.
R u kiddin' ? 🤔
Looks great ! But not available in France ! :-(
@josselinco It should be, but it may take a bit of time for it to appear on the App Store.
@aj_rahim I confirm, it’s now online ! ;-)