Simple security monitoring for web servers, clouds and apps.

Dhound is a threat detection software for your web servers, clouds and apps, it presents you with a dashboard to monitor all possible and incoming threats and it works most systems including Rasberry PI

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Web application developers often bypass the topic of security, and it’s in vain. You should always be aware of any attempts to hack the application and take appropriate action. Let's actualize this topic! Tell in the comments what tools do you use for web security monitoring, and try Dhound!
@veronica_yudina Are you doing outbound sales for Dhound ? Try targeting companies which are hiring for threat + security. Since they are hiring, it means they are willing to spend money on threat detection that is why hiring for that role.
@shreyaa_ratra Many thanks for the good advice!
Cool product. Terrible name!
@andrew_lisowski Hi! It was born from "detection hound" - hound is a type of dog that assists hunters by tracking or chasing prey, good analogy for cyber threat hunting.