Dextro Stream

Discovery for live Periscope streams using computer vision

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David Luan
David LuanMaker@jluan · Dextro
Hey everyone, I'm David, one of the cofounders of Dextro. We're analyzing every public livestream on Periscope in real time with computer vision to make it easy for users to discover Periscope streams by content. Happy to answer any technical or product questions, and thanks for posting, @kane!
Paul Robert Cary
Paul Robert Cary@prcary · CEO, Findie |
@jluan This looks awesome. We'd love to talk to you guys.
Semil@semil · Product, Swell
This should be a tab on top of Twitter ("Broadcasts") like "Discover" - imagine all the streams one could discover.
David Luan
David LuanMaker@jluan · Dextro
We've caught some pretty crazy streams happening live: Live protests and marches in our "crowds" category: Someone brandishing their new pistol in our "handguns" category:
Ash Kamel
Ash Kamel@ajkamel · Developer
Just used this for a hackathon this past weekend. @jluan was super helpful in getting his API accessible for developers at the event. Really looking forward to seeing this product mature and using it in our applications.