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Thanks for hunting us, Ben! We've been hard at work since last being on Product Hunt :) The first version of Dexter had a broader scope, but after seeing that our users were most excited about the bot building aspect, we decided to narrow our focus. Still, our early experience helping users and brands build their first chatbots helped shape our core product philosophy and outlook on the space. We believe that it's important for Dexter to remain accessible to everyone (including those without previous coding experience) while maintaining extensibility for developers. And more importantly, we feel that even though these conversations might be automated, that humans should still play a part both by being able to monitor and refine the bot's language or even intervening when appropriate. We're very excited for the @producthunt community to give us a shot. Looking forward to hearing feedback!
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@danielilkovich would you rather fight one horse-sized duck or one hundred duck-sized horses?
@bthdonohue would you rather pin one really big thing on a board or several really small things?
@danielilkovich @producthunt congrats on the launch, Daniel and everyone at Dexter! so freakin' exciting! As some may know, I've been using Dexter to build two fun bots (Botline Bling and Boy Bye Bot For what it's worth, I know ZERO coding and only know how to write silly jokes, with my day job being a creative director for branded content at The Onion. (Even my skills for the latter are questionable. But that's another story.) Point is: If I'm able to make a bot, anyone can. Seriously. Congrats again on the launch, looking forward to making more stuff with y'all.
You may remember the very early version of Dexter that was posted last year (with 800+ upvotes!) It is the platform that was used to build Botwick (the bot for @borthwick ) Dexter, however is not like other drag and drop bot builders that I've used. This is more similar to using a CMS. I've been playing around with it and chatting with the guys there on some interesting features. Excited to see what else comes from the team!
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I've tried a bunch of the "Bot builders" and I can confidently say Dexter is both the simplest to use AND the most powerful one out there. I stumbled across Dexter in January and got access to their beta. Since then I've built multiple bots for a variety of purposes. Here's an example of one I built in a couple hours last week that already has 360 subscribers: I can't recommend this product enough! Congrats to the Dexter team.
So cool! πŸ€–πŸ€–
Really nice implementation, the experience reminds me of using Ghost for the first time after migrating from Wordpress.