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I worked for the .TUBE gTLD for over a year and this is really one of the best examples I've seen of how to use the .TUBE extension. Really well executed and nice use of Algolia too. Small suggestion... if you had "human readable" URLs there'd be a little bit of an SEO benefit for you. BEFORE AFTER If anyone else has ideas for .TUBE sites, you can get them going quickly and easily on WordPress with the .TUBE theme and video curator plugin...
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nice! do you happen to have written an article for the "behind the scenes" of that project?
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@goofernator1 Hi Ted! Thanks for the idea, it'll do this one day. Now we're fighting with unexpected popularity :D
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@eduardsi that is a good thing to deal with it...good luck
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Very useful hub of dev videos, thanks.
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I liked idea and very useful.
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I like this and could see myself spending lunch just watching a different talk each day! Another feature request -- the option to sort/filter by date recorded. Newer videos with more relevant technology is what should be shown first, I believe.
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@rahrang just added date filtering. Thanks for raising this!