Search and create code snippets on the cloud

Save and search all your code snippets at one place using website or it's chrome extension. Find syntax and queries of various programming languages like sql queries or jQuery functions details with ease.
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Looks great! PS: "About Us" page seems to be broken @ankit_dhama!
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cool! Looks like a nice resource for developers to quickly check in on. NOTE: when you click the "Javascript snippets" under the "Code Snippets" section in the footer, it brings you to which appears to be a 404. I think the correct page is supposed to be Good luck on the future development, looking forward to making use of this in my daily life :^)
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@stuffbyspencer Thanks a lot for providing a detailed feedback and the information about the issue on devsheet, will fix that asap. We are happy to know that it can be helpful for you and will try to make it more usable and developer friendly.
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Hey Product Hunters, We have launched this tool for developers to make easy the searching and saving of code snippets. We have also launched a chrome extension which can be used to search for code snippets without leaving your website. Please provide your valuable feedback and let us know if you have any question related to the product. Thanks
Thank you @shashankkr9 . Will fix the 'about us page' asap.