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Hello Product Hunters! Thank you for the votes, it’s a privilege to be featured today. We built devRant to help fill a hole in the life of developers where community is centered so much around how-to’s, Q&A’s, and tech news, all interesting and useful, but not necessarily connecting to the passions that drive so many of us to the profession. devRant is designed to be a fun, even edgy place to step away from the seriousness of getting the job done to the personal side of being someone who deals with very specific up’s and down’s that most non-developers can’t understand. The kind of things that other engineers can laugh with you at the ridiculousness of it all, or maybe push you in the right direction when you’re stuck dealing with some frustrating crap. Some might think that ranting is a negative activity, but it’s something we’ve seen happen pretty much everyday in the workplace, as a positive way to vent and move on, commiserate and connect with others who really get what you’re going through. Join devRant and be part of a different kind of tech community. devRant is built by a small team (David Fox and myself) and we’d love to hear your feedback, good or bad, and any new feature ideas that excite you. Thanks, and happy ranting!
@tim_rogus I just discovered this today and got everyone in my office to downloaded it. A couple of them made me laugh so hard I was almost crying. They were so relatable it was scary.
@imns81 @tim_rogus Thanks for the great feedback! We appreciate it and are glad you're enjoying the content :) As a developer myself, I'm really enjoying it too and like you said, I think the relatability to the content and people makes the community a lot of fun and will hopefully help it continue to grow. We're adding some cool new stuff to the app very soon so stay tuned!
@imns81 Nice, we're happy to send your office some sweet devRant laptop stickers, let us know.
@tim_rogus that'd be great. Send me a msg on Twitter and I'll get you my contact details. Thanks!
This is really cool! I'd love to sign up from the website though.
@grooveplex Thanks for the feedback! We have a web version partially completed and definitely plan to build it out in the future.
@dfoxinator that's great, but I mean, I'd like to be able to register on the website and then use the app
@grooveplex ah, I see. I'm just curious, what is the reason behind that? It's definitely something we can add, but I just want to understand the use-case.
Great idea guys! Congrats on the feature :)
so needed.
This is great and feel many people will appreciate such a service.
@itsnblackburn Thanks, we hope so! We definitely had a lot of fun building it and are getting a lot of use out of it ourselves too. Let us know if you find anything you don't like or think can be improved. Thanks!