Discussing a new developer question every weekday - a new developer question every weekday. Learn from a community of developers around the world, via Product Hunt and Twitter.

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Kristian Freeman
indie hacker and developer advocate
πŸ‘‹ 😸 πŸ’‘ This is a little weekend hack for me – I'm working on a new side-project called @byteconf (more on that in a minute) and I thought this could be an interesting way to start building a community around the project. ❓ Here's how it works: every weekday morning, there'll be a new developer question for the community to answer. For example, yesterday's question was "What's the best open-source project you've discovered this month?" and today's is "Who is your favorite open-source developer?". The questions are posted to Product Hunt Ask and tweeted on the @byteconf account. 🌍 Developers are 1000% encouraged to reply on PH Ask and tweet their answers too: I've already learned about a ton of cool projects from yesterday's question: βœ‹ While I'm here –– I'm building a thing called Byteconf: free developer conferences, streamed online on Twitch. Anyone and everyone with an internet connection can attend. The first conference is #byteconf_react_2018, a two-day, single-track React/JavaScript conference, at the end of August. πŸ€” Sound interesting? You should follow Byteconf's Ship page: 🧠 If you have a talk idea / your company is interesting in sponsoring the conf, and reaching a ton of great React/JS devs around the world πŸ‘‰ @imkmf on Twitter. My DMs are open πŸ’Œ
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