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fantastic team in New York City... thrilled to have been one of their first investors five years ago (one of my first 10 angel investments along with Thumbtack, Uber, Chartbeat and Signpost!). ChallengePost was an amazing concept, but given the need for software and developers, focusing 100% in on devs is just a brilliant..... ummm..... evolution (not really a pivot). they are going all in with DEVS and that is just super savvy since the world needs more and developers need to find their tribe. looking for DevPost to go 25x from here in growth.... and it's already a significant user base.
Hola PH! Today we rebranded from ChallengePost to Devpost, which is a pretty big deal for all of us here. And we also released our Student Hacker Report (, which highlights the top APIs & tech used by students around the world during the 2014-2015 hackathon season.
Really excited about this change. We made the change because we've evolved from the largest hackathon platform in the world to one of the largest developer networks, where developers and their development are what's front and center. We're also excited to be releasing the report which I think provides unique insight into what student developers are using.
Hey PH, I lead product here at Devpost. As Neal mentioned, I'm pumped to launch this rebrand to reinforce our mission to celebrate and inspire hackers. We want to be the best place for hackers to show off their projects, learn and be inspired by what others are working on, and find new opportunities to hack. We're building our portfolios specifically for the unique needs of software developers, with features like GitHub integration, Markdown support, and project updates to share progress (because we all know a project is never really "done"). And our hacker feed provides a place for the encouragement, learning, and excitement that often occurs at an in-person hackathon to live on beyond the event. I'm happy to answer any questions and I'd love your feedback on how we can make it better for your needs. Thanks!