A GitHub style Markdown editor ✍️

#4 Product of the DayJune 09, 2018

Devpen is an online Markdown editor with GitHub style.

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Hello guys, I'm Kukuh, from Indonesia. This is my first product on ProductHunt. Hopefully, you guys are happy with my product. Devpen is an online Markdown editor with GitHub style. By creating this product, I wanna solve my own problem. And I think lots of you guys (especially developers) have similar problem with me. Imagine that you guys want to write documentation for your project by writing Markdown in, to be published on GitHub later. I'm an Android Dev, and normally I use a plugin to preview my Readme in Android Studio. And sometimes, I use other online Markdown editor, by doing live editing there. Problem solved, at least for now. What I've found so far is that those solutions give me different style. And the problem usually arises after that. Sometimes, after updating the file and push it to GitHub, there are some parts that are not suitable. Something like, H1 is too bigger for this section, or link is not shown well there, etc. With Devpen, I hope that I can help you guys (especially developers) and myself (obviously) to make editing Markdown great again. Hopefully you like Devpen.
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It's a nice tool, congrats on it. I also like that you can choose between just editor, just preview or a split screen view.
Awesome tools, thanks for creating this!!