Devolio 2

One Click Beautiful Portfolios for Developers

Devolio is a fantastic way to create an aesthetically pleasing portfolio for developers! It even works with GitHub, so you can showcase all your existing projects easily.
@kohjingyu Thanks for hunting and the nice words, mate!
Hello Hunters! After so many iterations and long working days on Devolio, I'm now happy with the current state and invite you to give it a try! Here are some features of the site: 1. Import & organize your public repos and gists from GitHub 2. Add your other projects manually 3. Add your Skills I'm happy to receive your feedback and feature requests.
Friendly ui, easy to use, great for lazy devs. I am not one of them, no absolutely not.
@_bgrgndz_ Thanks, hopefully you become lazy one day :P
Created an account and added a couple of projects. Looks cool. May be especially great for open source developers.