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Build a profile that matters to showcase your skillset

Getting a job can feel overwhelming at times, but it doesn't have to be. Devly lets you setup a minimalistic developer profile that will allow you to display and share your skillset and portfolio with recruiters, CEOs and feel great about it along the way.
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Jeiman Jeya
Co-founder of Devly | Cloud Visionary
We want to solve a common problem, for both developers and organisations who are looking to hire the right candidates. For developers, we want to solve the problem of creating or maintaining traditional approach of filling up resumes which we believe does not reflect completely on the candidate skills and their capabilities. Hence, we believe in helping developers create minimal portfolio that largely speaks the candidates capabilities. On the other hand, in the recruiting space, that is traditional hiring process, which is very slow, overarching (universal process that is lengthy in process), creates friction in the entire process that would lead to unnecessary spending, consuming enormous amount of time where organisations, entrepreneurs, recruiters would be spending more time sifting through resumes than focusing on building the business. We believe with Devly, we aim to reduce the time spent on hiring candidates by focusing on important factors that matters the most to both developers and hirers. ----------------------------- Why Devly? ----------------------------- Developers: - Create a profile that matters the most (Based on core skill set, domain knowledge and expertise). - Control your profile however you want it to be (public, private or looking for freelance projects to work on while working) - Be approached by recruiters/managers/CEOs/CTOs for roles that perfectly match your profile. No more lengthy resume - Everything is automated, so no cold calls. You control your data, who you speak to and when. (Coming soon) Hirers: - Avoid the friction of traditional hiring or universal process (Lengthy recruiting process) - Spend less time matching candidates with your Job description over sifting through 100's of resume - Avoid traditional communication to coordinate with developers that might span for weeks to months. Connect directly with developers ----------------------------- Functionality: ----------------------------- For developers, they can: - Create a profile - Choose their skills from an extensive, growing list of programming languages, software and tools - Pick languages spoken - Describe your freelance availability (if you so choose) For hirers, they can: - Create a company profile - Use the search bar to search for developers based on skills - Contact the developer to proceed further ----------------------------- Upcoming features in Version 1.1: ----------------------------- For developers: - Ability to gauge skills ie. PHP: 7 years, NodeJs: 2 years, Java: 1 year - Boost your profile when you are seriously looking for a job - Chat directly with hirers - Import Github, LinkedIn Skills into Devly - And more… For hirers: - Add to Favourites: Hirers can soon add developers to their Favourites to keep track for their hiring process. - Dashboard: To manage conversations, companies interested, upload projects to portfolio, integrate Github, Gitlab, Stackoverflow profiles - Chat system - And more… What do you guys think about it? Feel free to ask us any questions about the product. I'll be listening to your feedback and suggestions.
Artem LarinCo-founder at SCRUGE AR
Manjunath Reddy
Co-founder of Devly.co
@artemlarin Sort of. A minimalistic version of LinkedIn (Think of Instagram version of LinkedIn) but mostly for tech. LinkedIn is becoming more of a professional social networking platform than helping engineers to showcase their skill set. Our aim is to make it easier for developers/engineers to showcase their skills, and at the same time, make it easier for entrepreneurs, organisations to find tech talent.