Devil's Advocate

Arguably the best party game ever.

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Hey everyone. I'm currently running a Kickstarter to pre-launch Devil's Advocate. Ultimately I will print the game either way, but felt like crowdfunding would be a great opportunity to spread the word at the start. Please fire away with questions, comments, or ideas for future expansions. Current roster of expansion decks will be: Movies Music Sex Comics Sports Internet and Technology Science Fiction Videogames TV Politics History City Editions: Chicago, NYC, LA, Boston, SF, Austin, etc Zombie
I'm an early backer of Devil's Advocate and in general a big fan of Len's work. He has a penchant for clever projects -- alongside their thoughtful execution -- and I'm excited to play with my 3rd Kendall creation.
@ryanckulp Thanks Ryan. I'd like to think my projects keep teaching me new things and each one that hits the internets gets better and better. Hopefully that rings true for DA!
@russfrushtick @rrhoover I'm curious, what's your vision for product hunt games and how is it slightly different than your core product? One thing I've read recently is that games are now the most active category on Kickstarter. I could see PH ultimately being a big driver for the gaming community in the future.
@lenkendall We're still mostly focused on launch stuff. We really want to ensure that everything that people see on PH Games is available or will be available shortly. Leaning too heavily on Kickstarter products means a lot of disappointment when stuff doesn't get funded, ya know?