Device management for embedded systems and edge computing

Deviceplane is open source device management for embedded systems and edge computing. We solve various device management challenges such as remote access, orchestration of updates, host and application monitoring, and access control.
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Hey Product Hunt! We're @joshwget , @seanrabaut , and @cyrusroshan2 from Deviceplane. We're really excited to launch here and share what we've been working on. Deviceplane started because we noticed that companies across multiple industries such as robotics, autonomous vehicles, and drones, were all building their own internal tools for updating and managing their devices. These internal tools seemed to be solving a similar set of problems such as gradual rollouts of over-the-air updates, monitoring, and access control. We thought to ourselves, what if one tool could be used for all of these cases? The idea seemed to resonate with many companies, all of whom were excited about being able to stop maintaining internal tools and getting a suite of additional well-maintained and documented features. We were set on open source from the beginning, and so you can find all of our source code, including the code for the backend and UI, on GitHub ( You can either host Deviceplane yourself, which we try to make as easy as possible (, or get started managing devices now with our hosted version at Lastly, we'd love to hear more about your experiences managing devices! What have your biggest pain points been, and what infrastructure do you wish existed to solve those? Either comment here, or shoot us an email anytime at
Congrats on the launch! @maydayitscolink you should check this out for your IoT project :)
Looks awesome!