Automate & simplify small business and office management

Sustain and grow your business with Devi. Automate, optimize and simplify your small business and office management. Have more time to focus on what really matters!

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5 Reviews5.0/5

Very good idea and really usefull


You don't need to use 5 systems anymore


Still a startup

I think its a great CRM and office management tool, it solves a few problems that I have running an agency, with needing multiple tools to do some basic tasks.
I have the pleasure to personally know Darren and Jeremie. Great guys, tremendous attention to detail. I love the way they've crafted Devi into a beautiful product!
Looks awesome! Would be very helpful to our team
Hi all, co-owner of Devi here! Thank you Benjamin for the amazing support and good comments! We're in beta as we're shaping up the system and making it easier to work with. Our philosophy with Devi is solving many small HR problems. Often small businesses don't need really powerful tools to handle bookkeeping, financials and payroll so Devi fills in the gaps to make your office run smoother. We're open to ideas and any advice. Devi also has Intercom support integrated so if you have any support or general questions please get in touch!