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Hey, Product Hunters! I’m Matt, the Lead Marketing Engineer at Deveo, and today I'm super excited to announce we are trialing free cloud accounts of our code hosting and collaboration platform, and would love to give all you product makers and hunters first dibs on available spaces. We have a limited number of free accounts available, though I am guaranteeing 50 spots to Product Hunt community members (use the code PH50), on a first come first served basis, and we'll try to meet demand as much as we can. A little about Deveo. Deveo has a long history as a proprietary code hosting and team collaboration tool for some very high-profile Finnish tech companies, which we can't talk about, thanks to NDAs and legally binding agreements! Back in 2014, the team decided to take the product into the public space and have been working hard to create Deveo in its current form. We aren’t the first platform of our kind. Far from it. The teams at GitHub, BitBucket, and GitLab (to name a few) are doing some great work in the public and open-source space. We believe what sets us apart is focusing on private repositories and secure data, alongside native support for Git, Mercurial, and SVN. We wrote a blog post on it, here: Feel free to drop us a line here, let us know what you think, or get in touch on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn. I’d love to hear from you all.
@matt_aunger I signed up and I see no mention if I received a free lifetime paid account. I used the promo code.
@biggiephat Hi Jon, you should have received a welcome email, and are on the "Forever Free" account. We are doing all the account management manually right now, and the welcome email is automatically sent out to all new users. I dropped the ball and didn't include anything specific to free accounts there, so apologies if there was any confusion. As I say, you are on the forever free account. I'd just like to clarify that "Forever Free" accounts may differ slightly from premium/ paid accounts at some point in the future. It's not guaranteed free lifetime access to a paid account, so sorry if it came across that way. Access to certain features not promised under the forever free plan may be premium gated, though of course we would give you plenty of notice, and work with our community to make sure inconvenience is minimal. Anyway, that's a long way off, and I just wanted to make sure we were being as transparent as possible. Right now you can enjoy full, unrestricted access to everything. I'd love to know what you think.
@matt_aunger Hey Matt, I also signed up with no mention of whether or not I received a free lifetime account after using the promo code. I see that you mentioned forgetting to include specific language in the welcome letter...when I register will it inform me or can you give me a heads up? Thanks! David
@donohue76 Hi David, thanks for getting in touch. The main email still won't inform you about the free account, but I can confirm you have been added to the forever free accounts. We've increased our quota for free accounts following the unprecedented response from this awesome community. Anyone joining through the landing page is being added there, with priority given to 'PH50" codes. Let me know when you've had a chance to look around, I'd love to get some feedback. Cheers! Matt.
Thanks for all the support and questions. If you have any suggestions for improvements, do check out our feedback box:
Hey, this looks like an interesting service. How do you compare to the likes of GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket and Codebase?
@deanperry Hey thanks, Dean. So, aside from the obvious UI/UX and design differences, there are a few things that we do differently, most of which stem from our roots as a proprietary platform hosting multiple projects within a single company account. Without wanting to go into a marketing spiel, Deveo comes at the code hosting and management space with a focus on privacy, business, and scale. Our CEO went into a bit more detail on the differences in this blog post: Have you had a chance to take a look at Deveo yet?