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blair wadmanMaker@blairwadman
Thanks for hunting @charlieirish! Some background: I created this guide because I want to help others experience the same tremendous impact that creating and self publishing a book (and marketing it through blogging) has had on my profile, business and career. There is the obvious income potential but the hidden benefit is in attracting significantly better clients (or employers). The quality of the clients I now get is far far greater than ever before, and this is down to been seen as a genuine expert and being discovered by people who would never have found me before. I'm happy to answer any questions you might have. I've quickly put up a secret link with a 10% discount just for Product Hunt members:
Charlie IrishHunter@charlieirish
@blairwadman Hey Blair, thanks for getting involved in the chat. I'm interested to hear more about whether you can measure the ROI from the exposure. It seems easy to measure the monetary success from the sales of the book but have you had new clients that you *know* have come from writing and launching a book?
blair wadmanMaker@blairwadman
@charlieirish Thanks for a great question. Yes, I do have clients that I know for sure have come from writing the book & the associated content marketing. I still have old channels open where clients find me and don't realise that I have written the book or seen the content I create. The difference between the two types of clients is truly staggering. The conversion rate from lead to booking has doubled. The day/week rate is 53% higher (and rising). And I don't spend any time trying to find clients anymore, they come to me. So the over all ROI is around £32k just per year just from client work alone. And this is just monetary. Working with better clients is priceless in other ways.
Charlie IrishHunter@charlieirish
I love this book from @blairwadman. It carefully lays out how to move from being a developer to being a successful author. Making money from selling a book is wonderful but it also has additional benefits like a) increasing your profile; b) providing job opportunities; c) becoming an authority. Blair provides step by step strategies to actually launching. The book is priced so crazily low at the moment, grab it now before he increases the price (which he should!).
Lucas Lindsey@urbnist · Executive Director, Domi Station
Really long tail case in point: The Martian!
Hrishi Mittal@hrishio · Founder,
Bought a copy and had a very quick 1-hour read. It's a good introductory book for any developer who's considering writing a book. Even if you're not sure you want to write one, this book will help you decide. It'll give you just the right information and kick in the butt to get going.