Find out which framework reigns supreme

No more will you need to sheepily ask, "Should I go with Ember or Angular for my new project?" Just come on over - we've got you. Each day we'll show you which framework reigns supreme over all the others.
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Hey there PH, George, Jon, Manny and Aukai from WebMocha here. DevBattles was originally going to be launched on April Fool's but we had so much fun polishing it ... that we missed that boat. The idea came as a bit of a goof on all the articles out there that espoused one frontend framework over another. To make the daily battles more interesting the winner of a battle is determined by the total percentage change in downloads from the last 24 hours. So no framework can sit content at the top of the hill. Hope you enjoy exploring it as we did making it! We're open sourcing the project for those of you who enjoy it enough to want to help contribute and grow it. Looking forward to any thoughts and feedback you might have on it!
Great design work on this!
@kraftykyle Hey thanks much @kraftykyle . That would be the talented handiwork of our very own @_epilande !
i'm just wondering why the second one is always winning? 🤔
Hey @sara_gamal it changes daily, try again tomorrow 😄
Can you tell the what tech stack you used for this app?
Hey @rajatrao777 we used Next.js with TypeScript, Storybook to prototype UI components, Express for our API server, and serverless to build and deploy on AWS. The project is open-source and can be found here: