Dev Tones

Professional royalty-free sounds for your app

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"dev_tones isn't just another random batch of short sound effects. Our sounds are grouped into themed soundsets, making a unified audio experience just a drag and drop away from fitting in seamlessly with your app's user experience / user interface."
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@bcmcg totally impulse bought! ninja edit: it says the code is no longer valid :(
@imkevinxu Thanks! It looks to me like the code worked. All okay?
@bcmcg I ended up using the code 'hacker' which seemed to work :D
Ouch. Looks like our hosting is experiencing a problem. Check out this page in the meantime:
I would buy these if I could hear the others, if I found even 1 that I would use. But not worth it to me if I can't hear the tone first. I guess that's a catch 22, because you don't want them ripped off. But I would wager you'd lose only a fraction to thieves, compared to the purchases you would get from ppl who could first hear the whole collection and see if there was a fit for their app. I know the cost is low so that makes a particular argument, but I would counter and say that there are so many icon sets, sound clip sets etc all with a low price point that if you buy them all to find small individual things you need the costs add up. Anyway, have visited the site a cpl times and it's great. But still not a buyer. Yet. :) Hope it's been going well.