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I'll tell you what. I wasn't sure at first. But the very first tip is something I've wanted for a while for my own mobile dev testing. I'm sold! Thanks for this @umaar
Would love for @umaar to jump in and answer some questions :)
@blendahtom Thanks Tom! Grateful to see this on PH!
@umaar Could you tell us a bit more about what sets yours newsletter a part from other dev focused newsletters out there?
@blendahtom The Dev Tips newsletter contains a "tip" in each email. Each tip is aimed at developers (though I hope designers, service engineers, QA and more find something useful). The email is comprised of: - A gif which shows the feature. - Text which is meant to accompany the gif. While I may not always get this right and do hope to improve, the goal is, one should be able watch the gif and fully understand the showcased technique. To answer your question: "what sets yours newsletter a part from other dev focused newsletters out there?" To answer, I'm thinking of weekly newsletters where the format is generally a list of links, my newsletter is different because: - There aren't really any "external" links (excluding the email boilerplate ones) which means you can focus on just one thing. - The gif is usually less than 30 seconds which I think is a reasonable amount of time to spend for learning something new. - All content is handcrafted by me, granted it's just a text and a gif. I hope that didn't sound too gimmicky and thanks for the question.