DEV <> Stackbit

Create a static website from your DEV posts in one click.

The Stackbit & DEV collaboration makes it easier than ever to spin up a personal website showcasing your DEV posts. All you have to do is select a static site generator and theme. Stackbit’s powerful tooling does the rest! It’s like magic.
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Being a positive force in the open web is a really important value for us at DEV. We've been wanting to roll out something like this for a while, so when we were able to conceive of this project along with Stackbit, we were over the moon. We will soon be open for more Oauth-driven app development. Since our platform is open source, you can help us get us to that point or chip in on anything else 😄 Happy coding!
It is so awesome to see DEV being used in this way. I love that Stackbit has basically turned DEV into a headless CMS. It feels so *powerful* to be able to spin up a site this quickly. We're really looking forward to adding to this functionality. For example, in the future, we can get more granular about which types of articles would get pulled in for your 'portfolio' so it can feel very curated and polished. Any thoughts/ideas/bug reports are be much appreciated!
Love so will be taking a look at this very soon.
Whoa, why had I never heard of Stackbit before? 😱 This is so exciting!