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Millions of programmers come to DEV to stay up-to-date with the software industry. DEV Listings is a dedicated area where the community posts job openings, upcoming events, and products/services that are built for developers.
  • Jefry Pozo
    Jefry PozoJust a .NET software developer.

    -Easy no navigate -Many useful tags -Easy to find what might interest you


    -The layout is a bit weird -It would be useful if you could see the publish date -The username of the publisher should be bigger

    I don't have too much trouble with the layout design, but I think the other points could be enhanced. Another useful feature could be to filter by subtags. E.g: I'm on the Collaborators Wanted tag but I want to filter for a specific language.

    Jefry Pozo has used this product for one day.
  • Pros: 

    It's impartial about languages and technologies.


    Tha layout

    Quickly and simple

    Wanderley has used this product for one year.
Hi Product Hunters! DEV is home to 150K+ developers sharing knowledge and supporting one another on a daily basis. As a platform, we embrace all types of developer content but have noticed that certain posts can benefit from a different format. Today, we're super excited to launch DEV Listings, a dedicated area for developer classifieds. This is the perfect place to post upcoming events, job opportunities, CFPs, and more! These are the categories we're starting off with: - Conference CFP - Available For Hire - Contributors/Collaborators Wanted - Education/Courses - Job Listings - Offering Mentorship - Product/Tools - Seeking a Mentor - Stuff For Sale - Upcoming Events - Miscellaneous In addition to searching by category/content, the directory is also searchable through user generated tags. We hope this all works blazing fast and gets you the info you need! Please note, this is a paid feature through our new credit system but viewing listings will always be free. Each listing is visible for 30 days but you can 'bump' the listing before it expires. And of course, this new feature is open-source like the rest of the platform: Feedback and suggestions are super welcomed and desired. PBJ (Peter, Ben & Jess)
We're excited to be constantly improving the DEV ecosystem. DEV Listings is a big complement to everything community-oriented that we do.
Just wrote the announcement post with more info here: ❤️
Very useful, but will appreciate a better design
@araks_nalbandyan This is probably the best feedback to hear because we do plan to keep working on the design 😄 So if the usefulness is there, that's the start. If you have any specific ideas on design, feel free to create an issue: We plan to offer a toggle for a more compact list view, and otherwise just keep iterating on the aesthetic.
Love the idea as far as usability goes, ,but I too think the layout/design could use some tweaks. Also agree usernames should stand out more via font changes (bold, larger font), or placement or both of these things. Maybe thinking through filtering/view options. For example, for Meetups or Events people might like to view these both by location and subject. Currently there aren't a lot of events, but there could be. I think the Subject titles could use some sprucing up. It's just sort of messy to read through these long titles. It's so haphazard, especially before sorting to a specific subject. On the initial homepage, I get so overwhelmed by all these topics that I almost don't want to be bothered. It feels like the messy sales racks in clothing stores lol. Sure, they're cheap, but is it really worth the effort to dig through them? I wonder if there could be a way to make this look cleaner and more uniformed throughout listings. - Like maybe have a character limit to Listing titles - Default tags for programming languages in a specific colors, just like how in posts certain "official" tags have a color. If there are too many programming languages for this, then maybe just a default for anything that is a language, a color for "remotework", a color for frontend, etc etc establishing those most often used. Then at least my eyes might see those colors and better filter what I see. - Maybe playing around with these official color tags inside the Title instead of outside. Then a title such as: "Javascript Jquery PHP mentor needed". Javascript Jquery PHP would be official tags? That might get too much, so instead perhaps just move the tags and author to below the listing Title. I think that people in general don't want to read a lot if they don't have to. Having the summary details (topic, programming languages, person) the first thing available means they can decide to move on without reading more if they want to. Or more easily click a tag to filter out. So that's all for now ^_____^. Hopefully the feedback is helpful!
Very useful, but will appreciate a better design