Access right from your terminal

This is an open-source CLI where you can:

- Check the top posts

- Check top posts by tag

- Check recent posts by any author

- Check top posts by timeline

- Search top posts by a keyword

- Check latest posts on

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Hey πŸ‘‹ I'm Sarthak. This year, I made a weird commitment to myself: releasing one small, cool, possibly free tool every month in 2019. πŸ“† So this is my second one so far. The idea came to me while browsing ProductHunt actually. I, like a lot of programmers, love the command line interface, so when I discovered Hashnode CLI, I really liked it. I instantly wanted to make something similar for DEV. So I decided to work on this and added a bunch of cool features. With CLI, you can directly access from your terminal and fetch top posts, posts by an author, posts under a tag, latest posts and even more. Hope you all like it. Let me know what else you'd like to see added to the app!
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@sarthaksharma0 Great work Sarthak. I guess I have a similar goal of releasing free tool, although I don't think I can do one every month. So kudos to you for achieving your goal so far
Sarthak, Ankur, and the entire Team Xenox team have been wonderful contributors to the DEV Community. As a Valentine's Day gift this year, they built a command-line interface tool that allows you to engage with posts on the platform. Best of all, just like DEV itself, the project is open-source so that it can be improved through additional community contributions. Very excited to help share this today on Product Hunt!
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@peterkimfrank thanks peter for hunting this 😊
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As this matures, I could see us implementing it back into the core app as sort of an in-site launcher CLI. It’s great when the community experiments and contributes and the folks at Xenox have been really awesome in this regard.
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@bendhalpern It’s an honour. We will make sure to keep this up with our constant contribution. After all, is our home. 😊
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Really cool seeing this product come together -- I know lots of DEV members are excited about it! Great job, @sarthaksharma0 & Team!
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@jessleenyc Thanks Jess 😊