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Put this site together after reading an article in The Atlantic mentioning how over 100,000 people in Detroit were at risk of going without water--many because they couldn't afford it. It was outrageous that the city was responsible for turning off so many vulnerable people. But, the same thing is starting to happen in Baltimore. You can give as little as $5 to someone in either city and either help them keep their water on OR restore service. Super-interested in what you all think about the donation process on the site. Will be here answering comments!
Tiffani, these municipal water crises are a painful reminder of how expensive it is to be poor. What other products would you like to see people build? And how would you recommend they get the word out?
@sachinag hey Sachin. You're absolutely right. Being poor is super expensive and even worse, disenfranchising. A lot of entities that prey on the poor (including governments) don't expect them to have a voice or advocates. I want to see more people build tools to give the typically overlooked a voice and some power.
We were lucky to get to talk to Kristy Tillman about this on Design Details for our fourth episode. It's a much bigger issue than many realize - excited to see it on PH!
@uberbryn hey Bryn! Glad you got acquainted with this through Kristy! Yeah, it's the same thing with us--had no idea how big this issue is. Here in Baltimore now and it's the same thing. Thanks for amplifying the message!
So happy to see such an awesome project on here! This ROCKS. Water is just so essential to life that it's so sad to see people at risk of having no water because they can't afford it. It's seems INSANE that the system would rather them go without water. Glad that you're working to change that Tiffani. Keep being a superstar!