The best way to kick addiction!

Detoxify is an app that lets you track a detox, and how much money and time you're saving by kicking a bad habit. Our future goal is to replace the hours you'd have spent on an overindulgent activity (say 10 hours of video games) with better activities (5 hours of kayaking, 3 hours of spa treatments, 2 hours of Lego) using partnered companies!

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Mehmet Salih Bindakreact native developer

I can't do anything without pay money. Producer may publish the app with 14 days even 1 day free trial.


Good app for breaking bad habits


Nothing is free in this app.

Hey Mehmet, thanks for the review - all payment options come with a free trial!
First product on Product Hunt, hope you like its simple design!
Sorry but I think the title here is a bit misleading-- kicking addictions vs bad habits. Addiction is a seriously disease that needs medical intervention, bad habits aren't.