Detox for Facebook

Replace your Facebook feed with PH, HN, DN and more.

#5 Product of the WeekSeptember 16, 2015
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Hey everyone! Excited to announce our latest project Detox which made our team more productive over the past month. It basically replaces your Facebook feed with the sources available at (and activates automatically if you set up your working days & hours) Hope it’ll make you more productive! We’re really keen to hear your feedback on how we can improve it :)
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@ahmetsulek Excellent. I was thinking of this idea for over a year and now there it is. *sad yay* It would be cool if you add reddit integration (picking which subreddits to see, seeing thumbnails of images, videos etc.) I wrote an article recently called "how to de-facebook yourself in 5 steps" and i'll make sure to add your app to this list. Cheers! :)
@thekitze Adding reddit is something we are working on Panda as well. Once we have the backend for that we'll add it to Detox right away. Thanks for the kind words!
@ahmetsulek I just installed the extension and it's great but i have few suggestions. 1. Mixing the sources in the feed instead of seeing posts just from one source. 2. More thumbnails (most of the sources don't show them) 3. If i go to "Close friends" or any other list on facebook and then jump back to a detox feed it doesn't do anything, it just highlights the feed in the sidebar. 4. When in "Detox mode" i shouldn't get the "New stories" popup that facebook shows when there are new posts available (i'm sure this can be hidden via css or js) 5. Add images that are trending on the imgur frontpage to the feed (so the feed will feel more facebook-y) Hope you find this feedback useful!
@thekitze thanks! That'll help a lot! I have to say that we had a prototype displaying Dribbble feed for a while and started the project Friday night from scratch. We'll totally consider your feedbacks!
@thekitze Lol I came here to write number 4 and 2. :P Agreed =]
This is great extension, but I'm missing like/share/comment.
This is amazing!!! Looking forward to trying it and making my day more productive
Panda.Network strikes again! These guys are hit makers. They're like Bad Boy Records was in the 90's except for the startup world today.
@craigjbarber you made the team's day! Thank you for the kind words!
This is really amazing stuff!!!!