Online resume for freelancers

Detonate makes your resume available to everyone on the web! Share one link to show people what you do on a beautiful page 🎨 This is especially useful for freelancers who want a professional image online

  • Anna Filou
    Anna FilouTech Geek, Web Designer, Illustrator

    easy to use, looks nice and clean, no separate account necessary (twitter login)


    Limited customization (but it’s not really bad, keeps it simple), no favicons

    Love this, very easy to use and the resultino pages look very nice! Love the emoji integration in the skills section (would be great to have the ability to upload custom icons too though.)

    When you add social media links to the “find me on the web” section (e.g. Instagram, Twitter etc) it shows the correct icon but it doesn’t pull the favicons of websites it doesn’t recognize.

    Also in the “experience“ section. E.g. I work for a company, enter its details and website but instead of the page showing the website’s favicon, it just shows a standard “link” icon. I’m nitpicking here of course but I figured since your devoting time to this, why not also nail the little things?

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  • Antoine Laffargue
    Antoine LaffargueFullstack software engineer @Payfit

    - Simple to use

    - Clean and elegant design

    - Easily shareable


    - Nothing

    Simple and good looking tool to create your online resume in minutes

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Hi there! 👋 I recently revamped my personal website where I put my entire resume and my contact info. When I showed it to some people who are not into tech, a couple of them asked if they could have a personal resume online like this too. So I made it a SaaS! 🎉 And it is free for everyone. Apart from having a page with the resume, the next thing I am planning to do is to allow exporting the resume as a PDF. It will not look like the web page (which is made for computer and mobile navigation) but like a more classic resume. No need to update an online page and paper CV anymore: it will be one service generating both! 😄 It took me 4 weeks to build it on my free time on the evenings and week-ends. Half of that time was dedicated to coding, the other was used for design! I hope you will find it interesting and that it can help some of you refresh their professional presence online! Very excited to hear your feedback 🙏
Wow really neat design and features!
Is it possible to set a resume as private (mostly for while you're still editing it)?
@anna_0x no it is not possible (for now) 👼but as long as you do not share your resume link, nobody will see it
@jebarjonet i see, so it doesn't show up on search engine results then :) Thanks for the info. A "make private" button would still be useful though. Maybe you've shared the link with some people but then for whatever reason you don't want the resume to be accessible anymore but you don't want to delete it because you plan to use it again in the future. Standard Resume has that feature and it's really nice.
@anna_0x that's a good idea! I add it to my list of improvements :) it does not show up in search engine results without you sharing the link publicly at least once, for now, but I think about adding a search engine discoverability feature too!
@anna_0x I just added the "disable page" option 🙂(it is available in your account page) let me know if you have feedback on this!
@jebarjonet I see it! Took me a while to find it because it's just a checkbox so it looks like another option, not a disable button. Maybe make it more obvious? Also, I assume that if I press it I won't lose any of the stiff I've written, right? That's not mentioned though, so perhaps mention it? Because I'm afraid to press it 😆