Detective Game

Who is the robot and who is the human?

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Andrew Zusman
Andrew ZusmanHunter@uxandrew · UX Designer
This game is addictive! Love it. Interesting concept and cool use of the code.
Yoav Anaki
Yoav Anaki@yoavanaki
What I love most about this game is that you get to keep chatting with the guy on the other end after the game is over. Actually made a friend today :)
Matty Mariansky
Matty Mariansky@mmariansky · Product Designer at Meekan
I love this game! A massive scale Turing test. I find that a good detective strategy is aggressively blaming the other side for being an impostor.
Stefan Bohacek
Stefan BohacekMaker@fourtonfish
@mmariansky Thanks! Yes, see my comment above, RE: "getting points". I am working on a scoring system where the players will be rewarded for successfully revealing an Impostor/deceiving the Detective, but will also count total number of games, so this strategy will finally stop paying off.
Matty Mariansky
Matty Mariansky@mmariansky · Product Designer at Meekan
@fourtonfish oh, I meant it as a "legit" strategy. Saying something like "so where did you go to school, impostor?" gets more human reactions from the impostors, as opposed to regular reactions from robots
Chris Slowik
Chris Slowik@chrisslowik · Designer, Co-Founder @
Pretty cool - although very easy to 'cheat' just by saying "You are a bot" and if you get it wrong, there's no penalty =P Kinda fun to try and successfully imitate the bot tho!
Stefan Bohacek
Stefan BohacekMaker@fourtonfish
@chrisslowik Hey, thanks! Yeah, I am still trying to figure out how to approach "getting points". You are absolutely right that there are some simple ways to game the system, which is why I'm thinking about awarding only points for correctly identifying an impostor or convincing the detective that you are one. I am also not sure if I should handle accounts through "login with Facebook/Twitter" or manage my own login system. Until then, you can at least share a log of conversations that you like :-)
Alfonso GJ
Alfonso GJ@alfongj
Awesome game! @fourtonfish One note: bots seem to always write capitalizing the first word (except when repeating sentences). Of course impostors could do that too, but if they don't, it's easy to tell they are. One possible improvement could be to randomize that. Edit: my bad! Just have been proven wrong by a bot.
Stefan Bohacek
Stefan BohacekMaker@fourtonfish
@alfongj The Robot can also (in rare instances) make a typo :-) (Won't spoil other tricks!)