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IzHunter@elbahnasy · Founder
I got to know Sophie and Shaunna (from Dective Dot) through Shopify, the platform Detective Dot's site is built on. I was very impressed by the product, the idea behind it and the choice of implementation. Detective Dot offers a range of physical products aimed at inspiring children to code. The product is delivered in a fun, game like way, keeping children engaged. I like the fact that it is a paper based solution. Children receive personalised books that help them develop a good understanding of Computer Science through missions. Detective Dot is a 9 year old coder. Dot helps 8+ year olds understand Computer Science. Detective Dot started as a Kickstarter campaign, has been recognised by many top publications, and is supported by the UK Cabinet Office. What do you think?
Alex Greene
Alex Greene@alexg473 · Engineer @ Spectrum Labs
This is fantastic. There are so many ways a product like this one could be used to help kids learn different skills, even beyond programming!