Detective by Charlie

You hired your reps to sell, not research.

Detective automates the hours of call prep and prospecting you wish your reps had the time to do. From the makers of Charlie App.

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CEO of Charlie here. We made Detective because of how painfully robotic prospecting and researching is. Why do we hire the best sales reps, SDRs, AEs and more, only to have them spend a huge portion of their day researching. At Detective (Formerly Charlie) we asked ourselves a simple question: What if your browser could learn how you do research and prospecting, and do it for you... That's what we built: Detective puts an end to the day of opening up hundreds of tabs. Your computer can now learn how you prospect, and replicate the mundane steps you take for you. We call it Browser Automation. 1,000s of sales people already pay for Detective, it's helped sales teams double the output of their SDR and AE teams. One sales team, in just the first 7 days of using Detective, landed double the amount of sales meetings than they had any previous week. It's helped others increase cold call and email conversion by 20%. We're beyond excited to unveil it to all of you Hunters! Hope you all enjoy! Aaron Frazin CEO
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I used to use Charlie so much, glad to see it's evolved! Totally showing this to my Business Development coworker.

First, Detective auto-searches for the right contact, then it auto-generates their email address, and lastly it delivers key trigger events and talking points.


Detective by Charlie takes the painstaking process of prospect research and, frankly, does it all for me.


It's only available to sales teams of 10+ reps right now, but I think that's changing in the near future!

I was pumped to get a demo until I received an email that says you need 10+ reps because of “the current software's level of customization and price” 🙈. As the founder of a seed stage startup, I get it - going up market is everyone’s goal to do deals with higher ACV. Now I’m curious why a startup like mine with 3 sales reps currently and plans to double our team in the next 6 months isn’t worth investing in. Looks like a pretty slick product and could help a lot of younger companies while making it part of the budget for the future and a part of the sales tech stack. I had the same issues with Email Automation providers like Salesloft and Outreach, back in the day they wouldn’t sell 1 or 2 licenses. Bummed to see Detective taking the same stance.
@thesunak Ugh, I really wish we could support everyone. The reality is that the technology isn't cheap - it takes a lot to customize Detective's browser automation technology to mimic your research and prospecting process, that's why we require our clients to have a few sales reps. I'd recommend you still sign up as we're making a version that will support every size business. Really though, I wish we could. It pains me to write this. Sorry Vishal. I know this really isn't the best response but I hope you understand. :(
What Aaron and his team built with Detective is an innovative solution to a huge prospecting problem. You can only come up with such a product if you really dive deep into the problems of your customers and try to solve them with an open mind. Congrats and good luck!
@mstanown Thanks Mike! We learned a lot in the process - from selling the solution before it was built to prove it was a big enough problem, to watching countless sales reps prospect. After watching so many sales reps prospect (on top of doing it ourselves) we're seeing there's a massive problem in the industry today. We heard from a lot of SDR teams that shut down before approaching us for help (I don't have enough data yet, but anecdotally/from my conversations it seems like there's a lot of SDR teams that are shutting down). On top of that, too many sales reps / AEs are hired to sell, yet have to spend their day doing robotic research and prospecting. It wasn't easy to get where we are today and I'm really glad we took the deep dive approach.