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if you have multiple tabs open they change the title of the page to "Hey, come back!" - I like that hack ;D
@duanewilsonsf haha we love that people like that :-) Hope you enjoy using Desygner!
This reminds me a lot of Canva. With a ton of more free options.
Hey @dredurr, thanks for checking Desygner out! We're focused on developing a stable and open platform where you can search through millions of royalty-free images, and import elements from existing PSD and PDF files. We also allow people to design and edit from any device, including mobile phones. Going forward, our plans for Desygner and how we see the technology being used are very different from the other online design tools in the market :) Hope you enjoy using the Desygner and let us know if you have any suggestions.
Looks like a very interesting product. Downloaded on my phone and played with the web version as well.
Thank you @haseeb! We are still in beta, so please let us know what we can improve on!
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Hey @kylewdavidson, I just got added as a maker for @Desygnerapp on @ProductHunt. Thanks for your support! Let us know what we can improve!
Puts me off a little when a design focused website has low-quality images on the site... I'd suggest making any images/mockups etc on full display to highest quality you can :)
@bentossell Hey Ben, agree. We have an updated landing page to be released very soon! We are not in the business of making excuses, but we are a very small (and dedicated) team. If you get the chance to give it a try, please do let us know what you think of the core technology :)