Destroy Your Business Canvas

Destroy your business model before someone does it for you.

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It sounds useful, but the website doesn't really lure me into buying it straight away as I don't have any referencing on what it entails. A vector? A way of thinking? Maybe give one case away for free to help people get into the mindset?
@jaapvannes Fair point. It might indeed help to provide an example case. We're going to add it to the website asap. Thanks!
@jaapvannes Update! We listened to your comment and now added a free example to the website. It's a case from Amazon. You can open it by clicking on their logo :-)
@mvdheuvel Makes a hell of a lot more sense! Now don't hide it under a never-to-be-found button and show me immediately ;)
@jaapvannes Thanks. We'll consider it :-)
@jaapvannes +1 to Jaap's comment. I think you need to make a pretty clear value distinction between what Destroy Your Business is compared to the existing Lean Startup and Business Model canvases. Also, I think if you are going to be taking a swing at an existing business model, that perhaps you have to have a third section which is 'consequences' (this could be represented by debris getting knocked to the left). E.g. What's the consequence of Amazon introducing Kindle? How will that affect the existing business? At the moment the two sections "current business" and "business opportunity" aren't really connected... in fact, the wrecking ball is basically the existing business model canvas wrapped into a circle with a logo section in the middle.
Hi guys, For the past few days we've been on our annual startup retreat. Working on some new products in Budapest. Yesterday we came up with something new. A way to help companies reinvent themselves, or at least give them the tools to think in such a way. While creating the Destroy Your Business Canvas we've depended on our years of experience at corporates that are simply stuck. Although it kindly borrows some elements from other canvas tools such as Business Model Canvas and Lean Canvas, it has a different tone of voice. One that will hopefully make it fun too use in numerous workshops and sessions at companies that have been unable to innovate for years. It was built within 24 hours. We'd love to hear your opinion and invite you to try it out for yourself. Thanks!
I think it's kind of dishonest to claim this is "already used by" three companies *you* did the study for *independently* - it's selling based on the claim that you've established a relationship (that the listed companies *trust* this and that their successes *came* from this), which you haven't and they didn't.
@stuartpb I understand your point. I've to admit that they haven't actually used the canvas as it is presented here (yet). But the thought process was exactly the same. Therefore, the model was completely based on their methods. So maybe the canvas was not *already used by* but the *destroy your business* way of thinking was.
@mvdheuvel @stuartpb You 100% need to change the way you word this. Immediately. At the moment it is outright deceptive marketing. "Based on methods used by companies like..." might be appropripate, but let's be honest - it's not used by them or even based on methods. You don't actually know what their internal methodology is. It's an idea that you can sell on its own without lying.
@rossdcurrie Thanks for your feedback Ross. I see your point. We've read many cases from which we can conclude that their way of thinking was to 'destroy' their business with their new venture. However, I agree that they didn't use the method as presented by us (the canvas I mean). Therefore, I've taken your suggestion and updated the website where is said 'already used by' and changed it into something more appropriate.
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