Destiny 2

An epic journey across the solar system.

Destiny 2 is the sequel to the SciFi multiplayer adventure game.

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Such a bummer it's delayed for PC
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I've just finished the main campaign and I must say this game is amazing! If you like FPS-games and Sci-fi this is it. With amazing cinematics and a good story (plus everything great that the Destiny 1 already had), Destiny 2 is set to become a real classic. Trailer:
I absolutely love Destiny and played one (1) nearly religiously for a year! I'm super excited for D2 and looking for some PS4 friends to play with. I know this isn't an LFG, but I figured it'd be fun to bond with some fellow hunters over a good game sess! If you're looking for a fireteam just DM me on Twitter @TristanIsham.
He is like Deadpool of Destiny universe.
This looks more like a trailer for a movie than a game. 🤔