Destination Reads

Going Somewhere Read a book set there

Destination Reads is such a great idea! I always read local books about where I travel to. Excellent idea!

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Jacqueline von Tesmar
Community at Product Hunt ⚡️
Hey @sibjeet, I love the idea of this. I was looking for a book set in Italy, where I just recently went on a vacation. This will be really cool as it grows and there are more choices. What was your inspiration in making this?
Alexi UeltzenSocial Media & Email Manager @ Ello
LOVE this idea.
Product Marketing
I love the idea! I made myself such a short list too. For example, now I'm visiting Berlin and reading 'Berlin Alexanderplatz' by Alfred Döblin. I would love to see more cities in the list soon and would definitely contribute.
Rebecca GarciaGeekGirlWeb
Great idea, would be nice to have it be product hunt style where people can make submissions and upvote. Then have a 'top curated' section.