Despreneur Academy

Learn design principles and basic theories of web design

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Tomas is a great entrepreneur & designer. I've been reading his blog Despreneur for years now and it's filled with great insights. He also co-wrote the Mobile Design Book ( which has helped me tremendously as a non-technical, non-designer. Highly recommend this course - it's filled with lots of in-depth content and resources. Thanks Tomas!
@francovarriano Hey Franco! Thank you for kind words buddy!
@tomaslau @francovarriano FYI: Getting a 'School not found' error when I try and load the page
@mubashariqbal @francovarriano Me too: 'School not found'
@mubashariqbal @francovarriano thanks for heads up Mubashar, it's back.
@prattarazzi @francovarriano sorry for this Eddie, it's live again.
Despreneur Academy is fantastic. Going to be an interesting site/platform to watch for the next few months as they release new content and courses. Can't wait to see Despreneur continue to grow. Great work team!
@moloneymike Second that! It’s already a very polished product, which makes me eager to know what comes next out of Tomas’ hands! Great work mate!
@moloneymike thanks buddy for the never ending support!
@michaxndr @moloneymike cheers Michael! Happy birthday! So nice having so many inspiring friends.
Little question: What's the expected level of the reader? Let's say I'm the typical full-stack engineer, I know enough HTML/CSS to get around building a website that doesn't look too terrible with Bootstrap, when I see that the first lesson is "What is HTML & CSS", I'm just wondering if this is addressing pure beginners ? Also a tiny note: It would be lovely to know how long each step of the course can take - an hour? 3 ? 6? It might be pretty important for a 9 to 5-er doing that at night. But overall, that looks lovely and I'll get into the course asap!
@albandum hi Alban, great feedback. This little course is targeting total beginners so you might​ not learn much if you've been in the web design industry. However, I'd like to hear your honest feedback if you decide to take the course.
Useful course! @tomaslau, just curious, what inspired you to create this course? :)
@alfred_lua thanks Alfred! I really wanted to help other people to get started in web design and an idea of a simple course to show the essentials was the winner.
It's such a great thing to see this course coming to reality! Tomas has been a big inspiration for me to be part of the tech world & learn to constantly evolve my skills in the different areas. I'm looking forward to a course from him on remote working & creating global network!
@yanavlatchkova thank you Yana! You've been inspiring and supporting me since the day we met. It's humbling​ to hear that from you.