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Deskun is a Google Chrome extension for multichannel customer support and task management. With its help you can process customer emails and messages from various social networks in the Gmail interface.

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  • Alexey VlasovIPO Manufacture

    Best e-mail management tool


    It's getting better every time. Developers see what needs to be done next

    An excellent tool for managing mail letters. Many useful functions. We use it in work every day in our company throughout the year. It is regularly updated, a team of developers is working on it and this is noticeable. They make it better with every update. Thanks to the developers!

    Alexey Vlasov has used this product for one year.
  • Pros: 

    Very useful and convenient


    Minor bugs that team is already working on

    Even though I'm using the free features, I find them very useful. Snoozing, delayed replaies, tracking, this all helps organizing daily email tasks and keep everyting on a strict time frame. Very grateful to the team. I don't have the area to apply paid features yet, but hopefully sometime in future I'll definitely try them out as well.

    Keep up doing the great job.

    Игорь Алексеенко has used this product for one month.


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Iuriy GrechkoMaker@chiper · CEO, Deskun
Hi, Product Hunters! I’m Iuriy Grechko, CEO & Founder at @Deskun. We are super excited to introduce Deskun to the Product Hunt community, thanks to @kwdinc! Deskun is a software for multichannel customer support. It works entirely inside Gmail. The software takes the shape of a Google Chrome extension. It allows the users to combine various communication channels within a single interface. - Live chat on your website - Messengers: Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Telegram, Viber, Skype, and - Any email address No more tab or app switching, with Deskun you can process all incoming messages in a single window. Users can share images and files, use message templates for quick replies, assign requests to responsible agents, collaborate with colleagues and employees using notes, and much more within a given customer chat. Moreover, you can use Deskun to manage your tasks and create handy checklists in the Gmail interface. With Deskun, any message, inquiry or task won’t get lost and will always be in view. Users get a 21 day free trial period with no functionality limitations. The Deskun pricing plan allows you to pay only for the required amount of agents (users) and channels. One support agent and one channel are available for free and will stay so forever. At the moment we are implementing the Deskun crossplatform web-based version as well as full support for other popular content platforms, such as for instance Instagram. We hope that our product will be useful for startups and small business owners. Looking forward to your questions and comments! P.S. Special offer for Product Hunters only, install Deskun and get 2 months of free and unlimited access to all its features.
Ksenia Turlakova@ksenia_turlakova · Designer
I like Deskun, been using it for quite a while and it rocks. Congrats you guys
Anastasia VereschaginaMaker@anastasia_vereschagina · Marketing Manager, Deskun
@ksenia_turlakova Thanks for nice words, much appreciated!
Anastasia VereschaginaMaker@anastasia_vereschagina · Marketing Manager, Deskun
Thanks @kwdin for hunting us! We are so thrilled to announce our product to this community. Hope that Deskun might be helpful to small business and startup owners here. Guys, we'd appreciate feedback a lot, so don't hesitate with comments!
Matias Koehler@matias_koehler · Photographer
I like Deskun, great software for communication with clients.
Anastasia VereschaginaMaker@anastasia_vereschagina · Marketing Manager, Deskun
@matias_koehler Thanks for your feedback! 😉
Stas Romanov@realrus · Editor
This is one of the coolest in the niche of gmail-services for business. I think it's a real competitor to the solutions that are on the market.
Anastasia VereschaginaMaker@anastasia_vereschagina · Marketing Manager, Deskun
@realrus Thanks for such nice words! It's really appreciated.