Get cool new stuff for your desk every quarter

Deskstash is a quarterly subscription box, curated with the tools to optimize the workday

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you might want to show a sample of what one box will include - not what it “might” include, but what it will or did include.
@passingnotes Thanks David - I will work on photography that tries to display this. I wanted to avoid promoting any certain brands, or not being able to deliver on expectations for my launch. It's a hard line to walk with these subscription models. I really appreciate the feedback.
Hi all! With Deskstash I am hoping to bring my love of "deskware" to the PH community! I would love to answer any questions, and talk more about how we can optimize that place you spend 20% to 25% of your time: your desk. Product Hunt gave me the idea for this project, and I happy to be offering 15% off your first stash w/ promo code "PH2017"
Hi, I think it's an awesome idea! I'm excited to see what kind of things you'll serve. But what area are you currently sending to? It will be great if you put a form where people can suggest a location to get an idea of the demand.
@rendytan12 Thanks! I have a list of vendors that I have vetted, and they all have a ton of great items that I wish I could send all in one shipment. At the moment I am only shipping to the US, but am hoping to expand into more international locations. Also thanks for the feedback, I will see what I can do to gauge interest from other regions!
Great !! Kudos 😊