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Sam Rosen
Sam RosenMaker@rosenboy · Co-Founder at Deskpass
Hey, Hunters! I’m Sam, and I am a founder of Deskpass. Our app gives you access to over 100 of the best coworking spaces in Chicago, NYC, LA & Denver. We're giving our Product Hunt friend's 75% off your first month using promo code PRODUCTHUNT so you can try Deskpass for as little as $12 your first month. We opened up the first Coworking space in Chicago called The Coop over eight years ago when there were about 150 spaces in the entire world. Today there are an estimated 15,000 spaces in the world. In the process of building (and subsequently selling our space) we learned that the number one way that we can help grow coworking and the community is to create a service that introduces new folks to the idea of shared work and gives them the best option around to try it. Deskpass is designed so you can try lots of different spaces and find the one that is best for you and that may change based on what you are doing and where you need to do it. Most of our customers work from home, and they use Deskpass as a way to augment their home office and to have a place to get out of their house, get inspired and focus. We have a lot of great teams that use us to get out of their office and find great environments for meetings and inspiration. Questions, comments or concerns? We will hear all day. Think we'd be great in your city? Let us know where! Thanks!
Jill Salzman
Jill Salzman@foundingmom · Founder
@rosenboy GO SAM GO!!
James Campbell
James Campbell@jcampbell_05 · Founder,
@rosenboy Let me know when you are in the UK :)
Sam Rosen
Sam RosenMaker@rosenboy · Co-Founder at Deskpass
@jcampbell_05 we will! Where in the UK are you?
Sameer Sontakey
Sameer SontakeyHiring@sameerkat · CEO / Founder at Biostrap
@rosenboy Neat idea! I was considering getting a coworking space (WeWork), but this looks really awesome.
Sam Rosen
Sam RosenMaker@rosenboy · Co-Founder at Deskpass
@sameer_sontakey sweet! Thanks Sameer. There are some really wonderful alternatives to Wework out there!
Chris Moore
Chris Moore@chris_moore1 · Product Builder
The Classpass for coworking spaces.
Sam Rosen
Sam RosenMaker@rosenboy · Co-Founder at Deskpass
@chris_moore1 You got it! :)
Chris Messina
Chris MessinaHunter@chrismessina · Product designer & entrepreneur
This looks pretty rad — the coworking visa is a concept that's been alive in the coworking community for years... really seems like the community has come a long way. Hoping that this kind of thing can keep the spirit of independence and self-determination that a group of us started with Citizen Space in San Francisco back in 2006!
Sam Rosen
Sam RosenMaker@rosenboy · Co-Founder at Deskpass
@chrismessina Thanks so much! It's pretty wild how Coworking has changed since you guys helped paved the way at Citizen Space. I still think we're very much at the beginning (10 years later). Appreciate you taking the time to hunt Deskpass!
Brandon@getbrandflakes · Cofounder
Very similar to croissant... I wish weeknights and weekends were a option.
Sam Rosen
Sam RosenMaker@rosenboy · Co-Founder at Deskpass
@getbrandflakes we do have nights and weekends on some of our spaces. It's really up to the availability of the spaces. But, we're doing our best to add new spaces all the time!
d͡ʒɛrmi Good
d͡ʒɛrmi Good@geremygood · Senior Design Engineer @ Noun Project
I've used Deskpass while traveling. So great to work out of a different space each day!
Sam Rosen
Sam RosenMaker@rosenboy · Co-Founder at Deskpass
@geremygood thanks dude!