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Sam Rosen
@rosenboy · Co-Founder at Deskpass
Hey, Hunters! I’m Sam, and I am a founder of Deskpass. Our app gives you access to over 100 of the best coworking spaces in Chicago, NYC, LA & Denver. We're giving our Product Hunt friend's 75% off your first month using promo code PRODUCTHUNT so you can try Deskpass for as little as $12 your first month. We opened up the first Coworking space in Chica… See more
Chris Moore
@chris_moore1 · Product Manager
The Classpass for coworking spaces.
Chris Messina
@chrismessina · 🏆 PH Community Member of the Year!
This looks pretty rad — the coworking visa is a concept that's been alive in the coworking community for years... really seems like the community has come a long way. Hoping that this kind of thing can keep the spirit of independence and self-determination that a group of us started with Citizen Space in San Francisco back in 2006!
d͡ʒɛrmi Good
@geremygood · Senior Design Engineer @ Noun Project
I've used Deskpass while traveling. So great to work out of a different space each day!
@getbrandflakes · Cofounder
Very similar to croissant... I wish weeknights and weekends were a option.