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I built the first version of DeskConnect at a hackathon in 2012 because there was no easy way to transfer stuff between my computer and my phone. Four years later, there are many solutions to this problem, but none that are as effortless as DeskConnect. @conradev, @nickfrey and I took a few days off of building @WorkflowHQ to put together this update to DeskConnect, and we're excited to release it today. It's been completely redesigned, and its integration into iOS is deeper than ever with the new share extension. It's also a great companion for Workflow -- you can now build workflows that work across your devices via DeskConnect. Give it a try and let us know what you think!
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@arix @conradev @nickfrey @workflowhq Sounds cool, I for one don't have airdrop on my Mac Early 2010 so this is a great solution. Going to try this. 😀
@arix Hey Ari, can you transfer video from phone to computer? Having issues. Also, whenever I hover over the "recent" button on computer, it crashes.
@bkaminsky Hey Brendan - you can! Unfortunately there's a bug in DeskConnect when run on OS X 10.10 Yosemite where it crashes when you access the Recent menu. We're working on getting this fixed. When you have time, you might also consider upgrading to OS X 10.11?
@arix Ok thanks for the update! Have loved using your product to get content out on social quickly. What's your email?
@bkaminsky I'm ari at desk connect :)
PC version?