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Wasn't sure if this was ever posted. I used to belong to Flickr groups for showing your home office setup and stuff. Desk Inspire shows images as well as doing interviews with the owners of the desks.
Thanks for the post, I've been a little busy with side projects lately but am now getting back on with Desk Inspire, hopefully - if anyone wants to share their desk and some words, please get in touch!
@idemonix no problem. i actually saw you mention your site in a comment section of another post on here. :) good stuff.
This site is amazing! I have a large desk, but it is messed up all the time. I'm always looking to improvise and this just might help.
Not sure how this is different than starting a Pinterest board of how to organize / design your desk space?
@manda_auror The interviews are different. I'd say it is online publication focused on workspaces.