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@saddington seems like an awesome idea. Definitely looking forward to Ghost support in the future ( I know you're waiting on their API)
Whoa! So cool!
$30 seems a little steep. For my money, I like Hemingway or OmmWriter. Still looks slick and simple though.
@chrismessina this does more than those two (which I love, by the way). this publishes to a blog and website!
@saddington ah so it's more like MarsEdit?
@chrismessina Yes, insofar as it publishes to blogs. But a very different UX/UI approach.
@saddington @chrismessina is there a way we can try before we buy? Really want to see if it'll work with my theme, as MarsEdit didn't!
@shotkit @saddington @chrismessina there isn't a demo at this time, unfortunately. :)