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Writing, blogging, and notetaking for WordPress

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Hey PH! It's been 2 years since the first version of Desk was publicly released (and on PH too!) and since then I've been super-humbled by the response. Crazy how time flies...! When I first released Desk I wasn't sure there was much more room for another native writing and blogging app for the Mac but I was pleasantly surprised by the response! Since the first release Desk has won "Best App of the Year" awards for 2014 and 2015...! Couldn't be more proud of the community that's come alongside me while putting together this small indie mac app! Version 3 is completely re-written from the ground-up with a brand-new UI. It's also exclusively now for WordPress. I'm passionately curious about digital publishing and I've been blogging every single day for 15 years... if you have any questions for me I'm avail! Thanks PH! --------------------------------- OH! It was just FEATURED in the Mac App Store, world-wide! What an amazing day this is turning out to be...!
@8bit Well done John. Beautiful! Can't wait to kick the tires and light the fires. πŸ“
@adamleidhecker thanks friend! Your support means a lot to me!
@8bit Great job !! is it working with custom post types in wordpress ?
@florianmascaro now that i'm focused 100% on WP I can iterate and work on these types of things! For instance, already working on Post Excerpts: I'll put this on the list! Stay tuned!
@8bit Congrats on the new version!
Hey John. Congratulations on the new release. I hope it goes great! I love reading your blog posts and the very open newsletter. Keep up the awesome work man πŸ‘
@ansar thank you so much for that! means a ton that you're following along!
Congrats, John! I'm a Medium guy myself, but will definitely check this out!
@chriscchan --- awesome! then you'll want to definitely stay tuned for mnml app: ... you'll find that much more to your liking...! Subscribe for updates!
I avoid WordPress like the plague, but I totally dig your logo
@airjoshb :) Thanks for that. The story of the logo means a lot to me actually:
@8bit I love it - really happy to read the background of the logo as it is striking and accomplishing everything you set out to evoke.
@airjoshb appreciate your tweet!
Net Neutrality is still alive...for now.. Thank @8bit . Any plans to help loyal fans/users of 2.x with a discount reward on upgrade price? Appreciate the efforts to support freedom.
@benmorris ben, i wish i could do that easily via the Mac App Store... but it's not simple. I've given the world a holiday discount though... :) Appreciate it, your support keeps indie development going!